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A successful track record of implementing 110+ projects on platforms

We’ll find solutions to your problem based on our experience and know-how accumulated over the years.
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An integrated data management platform

GRiP the hidden value of your data.
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Intuitive visualization based on real-time data

We support the C-suite in making the right decisions.
인터랙티브하고 직관적인 사용자 경험

User Experience.
Interactive and
intuitive user experience

다양한 형태의 데이터를 통합 분석

Integrated Analysis.
Integrated analysis
in various forms

실시간 모니터링과 시각화를 통한 선제적 대응

Visualizing Data.
Preemptive response through
real-time monitoring and visualization



YD&S, experts on data-processing solutions,
has delved deeply into
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Our breakthrough technologies and robust services help public institutions and
companies unlock the infinite possibilities of data.


We provide solutions for effective management
and integration of enterprise data
Grip Service

GRIP Service

We offer a range of services including support for major
decision-making process using the GRIP solution


We deliver a total service for
information system operation
INSIGHT We integrate enterprise data and
offer useful insight
RESPONSE We collect real-time data and
respond immediately
VISUALIZATION An intuitive visualization
service on large screens
CULTURE Creation of a data-driven
corporate culture