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Media and News Outlets that Provide Insights
into the Public’s Interests in the Environment

The Environmental Policy Support Service allows users to check major
environmental issues which can be viewed immediately in real time by
region along with relevant news. Based on this information, you can learn
which environmental issues the people have a keen interest in and reflect
those keywords into the policy-making process.

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Check Data Closely Linked to
People’s Living Conditions by Region at a Glance

The Ministry of Environment built the Environmental Policy Support Service to prepare measures to comprehensively operate and control data from the data capture network, including air/water quality and noise. By offering the environmental data of different regions on a single channel, the Ministry can use them for comprehensive analysis and appropriate environmental policy development as well as immediate natural disaster responses based on real-time data.

Now Expanded to the Central Government
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We anticipate the Environmental Policy Support Service of the Environment Ministry to act as a trigger that invites wider application of GRiP from various application fields of metropolitan and primary local governments to the central government.