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Governance Realtime Intelligence Platform

Governance Realtime Intelligence Platform

With GRiP, you get content necessary for preemptive responses through real-time monitoringand data visualizationthat applies diverse forms of data integration technology, including structured, semi-structured, and handwritten data. GRiP creates interactive and intuitive UI/UX built on ICT-based technology convergence.


The world is
abound with data of various forms.

All data are valuable
and they send diverse signals to us.
Many government agencies and enterprises are working hard to analyze and interpret
their meaning faster to make data-driven decisions more quickly than anyone else.

However, this is not an easy task due to
diverse forms of data, quality and speed of the analysis system used,
and visualization that must put user convenience first.

So we introduced GRIP,
a fresh perspective on data, and a new way to unlock the power of data.

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Reimagining the future with thm Governance Realtime Intelligence Platform

Get a grip on new governance, the future of your business, and success with YD&S GRIP

YD&S’ Governance Realtime Intelligence Platform, GRIPis a solution
that empowers you to investigate, stack, analyze data from public
agencies and enterprises and check analysis
results in real time so you can make fast decisions.
GRIP Circle logo

(understanding and grasping the situation)

The letter i in the logo represents a person which is linked to the letter P, meaning the platform makes life easier for people.

(real-time processing)

We deliver a new way of
using the infinite power of data

(a tight grip)

A means to control shifts where various institutions in society participate in government administration while enjoying autonomy

A Data-Driven Success Process Using YD&S GRIP

Data expansion

Data Investigation

Data Collection

Data stacking

Data analysis

Visualization and real-time verification

policy decision makings

Development of a new service

A systematic data-driven success process of YD&S GRiP helps you make countermeasures and develop work processes and strategies based on an array of customer data.