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Making theOpen Mayor’s Office Available to the Public to Offer On-Site Data in Real Time

Gangnam-gu Office posts real-time briefings, news, and
photos on disasters and policies to provide up-to-date
news on Gangnam-gu and facilitate communication
between the people and the district head as it seeks to
bring more harmony into the area.

<image 2> Gangnam-gu Policy Project

Charging Forward for a Happier Future
with Diverse Administrative Data.

Gangnam-gu has built an online system that integrates all administrative data by actively disclosing maps and indicators that show not only disaster data, floating population, public facilities, trails, parking lots, and commercial districts, but also data on projects that are in progress. This has taken the administration of Gangnam-gu a step further.

Rapid Delivery of On-site News
and Precise Development of Countermeasures

Gangnam-gu has made a framework for a happier administrative city by maximizing administrative efficiency. To that end, they integrated scattered administrative data so they can analyze identifiable data, streamlining the reporting process to make fast countermeasures.

<image 3> Real-time City Status in Gangnam-gu
<image 4> soon gyoonC to read data

Greater Convenience Achieved by
Easily Understanding Desired Data

Using the data analysis system, Gangnam-gu introduced data recommendations appropriate for Gangnam residents, which enabled people to enjoy practical welfare benefits and pleasant cultural activities. This way, Gangnam-gu became closer to their goal of making a happier place to live by constantly providing the information residents need.