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A Database That Integrates and Collects the Economic Data of Incheon Metropolitan City

Incheon seeks to become a city that not only provides basic data including traffic,
atmosphere, and water quality, but also designs economic data closely
related to the lives of the people so they can check data anywhere at any time,
aligning with the city's goal of making stable economic lives for its people.

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Amplification of the Welfare and Service
System Appropriate for Different Ages, Groups, and Job Categories

Incheon Digital Governance offers practical information that helps citizens maintain their lives, such as lists and maps that show quality jobs and relevant facilities so anyone can enjoy decent economic activities.

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A System that Shows Map
Data Visualizations at a Glance

People can easily find data on city projects in progress, economic indicators, various convenience facilities, traffic, and air quality and learn new things. This way, we can promote the city’s smart development based on data.