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We continuously develop and provide new services

We always bring new ideas.

Through incessant research on constantly changing data, we develop diverse new services for the general public and citizens. The nation’s top researchers and consultants at YD&S do not only set up governance platforms but also continuously communicate with customers and listen to their concerns. We will constantly research data and develop new services to help you achieve success and implement effective policies.
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A powerful data examination
and capture process

The key to success lies in careful investigation into data.

Many solution providers talk about the importance of data, but not many emphasize the importance of data examination and capture. From decades of experience in data-related projects, we learned that what’s more important than data analysis and visualization is the careful data examination and capture process that acts as their basis. We both analyze and make countermeasures successfully by listening to the diverse voices of public agencies and enterprise customers, and we develop a carefully designed process that accumulates and refines these data. See the Y-DEC data examination and capture process chart.
See the Y-DEC data examination and capture process chart See the Y-DEC data examination and capture process chart
- The YD&S Data Examination and Capture (Y-DEC) process that captures the essence of YD&S’ experience and technologies is comprised of a systematically designed seven phases, that include three stages of preparation, examination, stacking, and refining of data as well as gathering of requirement specification and stacking that takes place in sages. The Y-DEC process will help you achieve business innovation, prepare countermeasures in advance, and establish short- and long-term strategies based on the data owned by GRiP customers.
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Stable Operation and Rapid Update

Data must not stop.

We operate the system reliably without downtime so you can monitor changing data in real-time 24/7/365. Our maintenance team constantly fixes flaws, improves problems, and updates new features so our enterprise and public agency customers can leverage the power of data non-stop.
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Insights into data andExtension Technology

Technology is a key.

With YD&S technology, you can respond more quickly to different types and volumes of data which are increasing daily. The more diverse data become, the more complex it becomes to integrate and analyze them. Our innovative data governance technology is unparalleled, adding data newly generated at different times according to changing trends or those gaining growing importance into the governance intelligence platform to help you continuously expand the scope of data analysis.