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Understanding People’s Interests At a Glance

The city of Daejeon understands the major issues of citizens using keywords.
They opened social media accounts with which they disseminate the latest
news and create interest. From this, they identified what’s trending and
reflected the findings in their PR and marketing strategies to implement
policies that benefit the people.

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<image 1> Complaint Word Cloud, SNS communication
<image 2> Status of implementation of instructions

Enabling Systematic Reporting and
Building Friendly Partnerships

With GRiP, Daejeon was able to integrate data from different fields and understand the current status and content of different projects and orders given out to various departments. Based on the data, they made reports and responded to issues quickly, and maximized administrative efficiency, ultimately laying a foundation on their path to becoming a leader of Industry 4.0 driven by an innovative administration.

<image 3> financial status

Administration that Sees the World From Diverse Perspectives by Making Data Public

By making the data public, Daejeon was able to genuinely communicate with people by actively informing citizens about their financial data, for example. This has provided an opportunity for the city to catapult into a city with great administration practices.