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Special Tourism Zones Learning About Key Information on

We supported Ganghwa-gun to build a smart tourism city that can attract
new tourism facilities with various tourist attractions while maintaining and
developing commercial areas and unique cultures by uploading tourism data
on special tourism zones that are easily identifiable at a glance.

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A Price Reflection System for the
Economic Stability of the People

On GRiP, Ganghwa-gun residents can check the price of food and daily necessities by date to show fluctuations according to the inflation rate. This enables Ganghwa-gun to reflect the information when making practical policies that promote the stable and pleasant economic life of Ganghwa residents.

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Getting Real-Time Data and
Indicators Optimized to

Using the digital dashboard that shows various indicators, project status and disaster updates, Ganghwa-gun could learn about residents' concerns and requests to develop policies tailored to the region. In the future, Ganghwa plans to facilitate faster communication and realize an administration that residents can relate to. To that end, GRiP has presented an opportunity to reinforce various contactless channels of communication.