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Data visualization & quality management ( policy decision-making )

Data analysis & integration

Data stacking

Data analysis

Program design

Building a test environment

Cleaning (conversion)

Development of a
new service

Data collection & storage

Gathering requests

Desk research

Written research

In-depth interviews

Defining meta

Data expansion

Desk Research
Desk Research

Benchmarking, investigation of internal/external data, survey on interests of key main user groups, analysis on work of working-level staff

In-Depth Interviews
In-Depth Interviews

Selection of interviewees and interview items, application of design research methodology, discovery of key data

Exploratory data analysis (EDA)
(Exploratory Data Analysis)

Data inquiry, data quality check, data correlation analysis, definition of stack data structures

Data Integration
(Data Integration)

Definition of how data are connected, data collection/processing/storage, application of a batch process

Data Visualization
(Data Visualization)

Definition of user scenarios, development of appropriate types of visualization methods, application of visualization tools

Data Quality Management (DQM)

Data values, structure, diagnosis on business rules (BR), and application of a data management process

Collection of raw data using programs (extract, transform, load)


Collects raw data using OpenAPI


Directly inputs data from the person in charge and
collects data by uploading them into Excel files or reports