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Seeing every corner of Seoul at a glance with grip’s leading-edge technology

As a digital administrative platform that empowers all citizens to become the mayor of Seoul,
we are designing a governance system that makes people happy by maximizing user convenience with efficient visuals that enable
users to respond and make decisions quickly.

<image 2> Real-time monitoring

Accessing the Exclusive Data of Seoul

We have made up-to-date, accurate, real-time data on disasters, atmosphere, economy, development projects, and citizen welfare closely related to the lives of people. By accessing this data, citizens can lead happy and quality lives as they seek new value. We offer data that is most helpful to users when solving problems that can be identified by monitoring real-time data.

Enjoying a Smart Work Environment
by Delivering an Innovative Administrative System

We offer solutions that can be used as a new, efficient work system using easily identifiable data, deviating from existing complicated systems. Colorful maps, indicators, and graphs provide an extraordinary work environment.

<image 3> Data Indicators and Graph
<image 4> Communication channel, 'Democratic Seoul'

Creating a Mutual Relationship
Where Citizens and the Mayor can Communicate

The city of Seoul is carrying out various projects that aim to make Seoul a happier place to live in. To ensure that they are on the right track, we made locations, schedules, progress, relevant documents, and news related to 26 major projects available for anyone to see, so the Mayor of Seoul can keep promises made with the people.