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Our vision and pledges!
“ We ‘grow together with customers’ through ‘fresh perspectives’ on data and ‘unparalleled technology’ ”

YD&S will integrate data scattered in different regions and companies, and even countries to create a new form of data,
data with higher value than typical data.
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YD&S will commit ourselves to continuous growth.
We will strive to become a reliable partner who neverceases to explore breakthrough technologies and develop new services in the quest for the infinite power of data,
charting the way forward to become a global technology leader that always stays ahead of the competition.

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새로운 시각

A New Perspective

A company that creates value beyond just typical data, coming from a new perspective in a rapidly changing future digital environment


기술 혁신

Technology Innovation

A company that creates new value through innovation and change with unrivaled technology


고객 가치 창출

A Customer Value Creator

A company that puts customers first, realizes the value of its customers, and grows alongside customers based on trust

A Bold Trailblazer

  • It all started with a request in 2016 by a customer who asked us to gather all their data for them so they could view key data at a glance
  • In the following five years, we worked on 100+ projects commissioned by metropolitan and primary local governments in Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, Incheon, Daejeon, Daegu, and Gangnam, as well as the Ministry of Employment and Labor and the Ministry of Environment
  • We overcame the daunting task of going through a complex data collection process, screening data from all divisions in an agency, frequent transfer of people in charge of the job, and screen configurationwithout any guidelines.
    In the end, we accumulated extensive experience and know-how which have become our assets today.
Periods of Growth Jan 2019–Present

“All heads of organizations are so highly satisfied with YD&S that they wish to mature and expand the service.”

  • 2021

    Advancement of services for Ansan City, Yangcheon-gu Office, Seongdong-gu Office, Seoul Waterworks Authority, Ministry of Environment, Daejeon Metropolitan City Hall, Incheon Metropolitan City Hall
  • 2020

    Incheon Metropolitan City Hall, Gyeonggi Provincial Government, Ganghwa-gun Office, Gangnam-gu Office, Gangseo-gu Office, Gangdong-gu Office, NongHyup Financial Group, Seoul Waterworks Authority, etc.
  • 2019

    Suwon Special City, Daegu Metropolitan City, Eunpyeong-gu Office, Nowon-gu Office, Gwangjin-gu Office
  • 2018

    Set up a smart management status system for NongHyup Financial Group
    Upgraded the Seoul Smart City Platform (stage 3)
    Consulted Daejeon Metropolitan City on big data for scientific policy support
  • 2017

    Developed the e-Field Administrative Office of the Ministry of Employment and Labor
    20-stage Seoul Smart City Platform project
  • 2016

    Began developing Seoul Smart City Platform
    Won the order for Advanced Detection And Monitoring System (ADAMS) of the Mutual Financial Association under the Financial Supervisory Service

Since we have built the Seoul Smart City Platform for the first time in the world, we have continued to work on this project with pride and a sense of mission that we have acted as a stepping stone for Korean public agencies to make headway into smart administration, even for the rapid response to COVID-19.

We will continue to strive to provide services that help all public agencies make policy decisions based on science for the people by accurately understanding the message the data conveys.